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Episode 125 : Ready for Battle Talk

After a short rant on the gear disparity with Raid Finder and Heroic dungeons, Rho interviews the hosts of GamebreakerTV’s Battle Talk podcast. Check out the Battle Talk podcast at Podcast News: Happy Hearthstone, Ctrl Alt WoW, HearthPro Show, Overcast(NEW), Horde For Life, Darkmoon Herald, Group Quest, The Instance, Overwatchers, Lorewalkers Roundtable, Knights of … Continue reading »

Episode 124 : Pwnt

Not a ton of Podcast News this week, which is fine since Rho can’t seem to stick to just one topic in the Rolling Restart before interviewing the hosts of Pwncast. Check out the Pwncast podcast at and follow it on Twitter @PWNcastPodcasts. Podcast News: Convert to Raid, Final Boss, Dalaran Academy(NEW), 30 Minute … Continue reading »

Episode 123 : Casually Hearthcore

Back on track with interviews, the first show of December features a Hearthstone podcast and Rho’s advice for bringing an invasion to the front gate of your garrison. Check out the Hearthcore podcast at and follow it on Twitter @hearthcorecast. Podcast News: Scythe and Shield, Warcraft Lounge, Chaos Portal, Corpse Run Radio, Final Boss, … Continue reading »

Episode 122 : Watching Over @WarcraftDevs

Another short show while Rho is doing all the things in Draenor, but there’s several new podcasts to introduce to you this week. Also, find out how you can help shape Yearly Maintenance 2014! Podcast News: Overwatchers(NEW), Overwatch Radio(NEW), World of Warcast, “TankCast”(NEW), Patch Notes(NEW), Power Word: Gold, Behind the Avatar, Group Quest, Gnomes Eye … Continue reading »

Episode 121 : No Interview? No Problem!

A short, interview-free episode this week to keep you updated with podcast news and inform you about the show’s Argi giveaway campaign. Podcast News: Hearthcenter, Battle Talk, Final Boss, The Gold Exchange, The Diablo 3 Podcast, Horde For Life, Hotscast, The Nexus, World of RelCraft(NEW), Tauren Think Tank ————- Head over to to purchase … Continue reading »

Weekly Podcast Roundup : November 9 – 15

Every Sunday, Realm Maintenance brings you a long list of WoW and other Blizzard franchise podcasts that were published the week and weekend before. If you don’t see your favorite Blizzard franchise podcast listed, just let Rho know in the comments. Be sure to leave a link to it, and we’ll pick it up next … Continue reading »

Episode 120 : From Anaheim to Draenor

A look back at Blizzcon, featuring a number of interviews recorded at the event. You’ll also hear special interviews with lore guru Nobbel the Noble and Zoopercat from Ask Mr. Robot. ————- Head over to to purchase a Realm Maintenance t-shirt! Are you part of a WoW or other Blizzard franchise podcast and want … Continue reading »

Episode 119 : Garrison Chat

The first of two episodes this week breaking from the usual format. Rho interviews Godmother of Garrisons Alt from Alternative Chat to talk about several aspects of the key feature in Warlords of Draenor. As a reminder, check the feed on Thursday for an additional extended episode focusing on Blizzcon recap and Warlords of Draenor. … Continue reading »

Episode 118 : All Eyes on Blizzcon

Everyone’s talking about Blizzcon, including Rho and the hosts of Azeroth Roundtable. What is Eye of Azshara? Rho gives his answer to that question and breaks down all of this week’s parties in Anaheim. ————- Podcast of the Week- Azeroth Roundtable Site: Email: Twitter: @AzerothRT @AlTheMage @Revendawn Livestream: Usually on Fridays at … Continue reading »

Episode 117 : Midnight Corpse Run

Rho interviews a trio from Corpse Run Radio days before Hallow’s End comes to an end. There’s still time to enter to win a Blizzcon Virtual Ticket code so listen for details! ————- Podcast of the Week- Corpse Run Radio Site: Email: Twitter: @CorpseRunRadio @Juunoswow @kameo666 ————- Podcast News: Pals for Life(NEW), Tauren … Continue reading »