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Episode 209: Walkabout

Rho rambles on about the Withered Army Training scenarion in Legion before interviewing Ray Walkinshaw from the Walk to Work podcast for Hearthstone. Find the Walk to Work podcast at Podcast News: Twisted Nether, Evangelysm, Darkmoon Herald, World of Zeez, CORE, Lords of the Storm, Heroes Forge, World of Warcrast, Technically PvP, The Innervated, … Continue reading »

Episode 208: McCree Said It

It’s High Noon! Rho talks to Blevins and Deathblow about Overwatch and their podcast. You’ll also hear Rho’s thoughts on Raid Finder, the return of two podcasts, and information on this year’s World of Podcasts event! Find the High Noon podcast at Podcast News: Blizzcon Countdown, Convert to Raid, Battletagged, The Meeting Stone, Azeroth … Continue reading »

Episode 207: Wartime Radio

As Machines of War arrives in Heroes of the Storm, Rho takes some time away from playing Legion to speak with David Davidson from the Heroes Radio podcast. Find out about returning and new WoW shows in this week’s Podcast News! Find the Heroes Radio podcast on their Soundcloud feed here. Podcast News: 30 Minute … Continue reading »

Episode 206: Legion

A roundtable of four WoW podcasters join Rho to talk about their hype, hopes, and desires for the Legion expansion. The next regular episode will appear on September 13th. Enjoy your time on the Broken Isles! Featuring: Belle from PWNCast Mike from Stopcast Serephita from Dalaran Academy and Rich Fisher from Horde for Life ————- … Continue reading »

Episode 205: Think Thrice

The Tauren Think Tank returns to the show prior to its 200th episode and helps Rho with an e-mail from an anonymous podcaster. Find the Tauren Think Tank podcast at Podcast News: Final Boss, Warcraft Knightly News(NEW), Daughters of Azeroth(NEW), Girls Gone WoW, Chics that Click, Group Quest, The Starting Zone, Saturday Morning WoW, … Continue reading »

Episode 204: On the Watch

Some of the usual segments on the show are cast aside this week in order to bring you an awesome 40 minute discussion with the co-hosts of Lore Watch. Warning: Legion spoilers ahead! Find the Lore Watch podcast at ————- Are you part of a WoW or other Blizzard franchise podcast and want your … Continue reading »

Episode 203: As the Wyrm Turns

Rho continues a month of WoW podcast spotlights by interviewing Xortz and M from the Wyrmcast. Find the Wyrmcast at Podcast News: Tauren Think Tank, Goblin Gold Cast(NEW), The Meeting Stone, Legends Style, Technically PvP(NEW), WoW! Talk!, WoW Geekly, Hero Power Cast, Velen’s Chosen, Well Met!, Westmarch Workshop, Group Quest, Heroes Forge, Stormcast, High … Continue reading »

Episode 202: Challengers Accepted

Legion Hype Month begins with the two co-hosts behind two WoW podcasts! Rho talks to Stone and Leetaa from WoW Challenges and Adventures in Azeroth. Find the WoW Challenges podcast at Find the Adventures in Azeroth podcast at Podcast News: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up, HotScast, Lords of the Storm, The Starting Zone, … Continue reading »