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Extended Maintenance : Episode 9

“The Lore Boat” Lore, exciting and new. Come aboard, we’re expecting you! Now that I got that out of my system… Alt & Rho respond to another batch of listener e-mails covering a variety of topics full of lore, naval missions, and chocolate bits. Rho eventually complains about content, and Alt plays devil’s advocate. Is … Continue reading »

Episode 141 : Cast Uninterrupted

Rho says goodbye to the Guardian of the Forums before interviewing the hosts of the Castbar podcast. Find The Castbar on iTunes or Stitcher. Follow the show on Twitter @CastbarPodcast Podcast News: Knights of Ebon, Group Quest, Darkmoon Herald, Westmarch Workshop, The Sundering, Bisnation, 30 Minute Cooldown, Girls Gone WoW, Hearthcast, Lorewalkers Roundtable ————- Are … Continue reading »

Extended Maintenance : Episode 8

“More Information Will Be Added…” It’s the night before Alt & Rho record a new episode covering their predictions for Patch 6.2… Then the PTR notes happened. Were their predictions sure to go wrong? Listen to your co-hosts as they salvage a week’s worth of preparation in the wake of the 6.2 PTR becoming available … Continue reading »

Episode 140 : Master Casters

Matt and Will from The Edge return to the show to talk with Rho about “Guildmasters,” their new podcast venture focused on providing advice and resources for guild leaders and officers. Find Guildmasters at or on Twitter @GuildmastersOrg Podcast News: Group Quest, The Diablo Show, Lorewalkers Roundtable, Horde for Life, Lords of the Storm, … Continue reading »

Episode 139 : Saturday Morning Fever

Rho chats with the hosts of Saturday Morning WoW about the transition made from the show formerly known as Epic Podcast. Plus, find out who the Grand Prize winner is from last week’s Heroes of the Storm beta key giveaway! Find Saturday Morning WoW at or on Twitter @smw_podcast Podcast News: The Meeting Stone, … Continue reading »

Episode 138 : Keys to the Nexus

Heroes of the Storm gets most of the attention this week as Rho interviews the hosts of The Nexus podcast and runs a giveaway of 25 Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta keys! You can find complete details for the Beta Key giveaway here: Find The Nexus at or on Twitter @TheNexusPodcast Podcast … Continue reading »

Extended Maintenance : Episode 7

“Hack & Slash Feedback” Alt & Rho have received some amazing emails over the past couple of weeks, and Alt takes a chainsaw to them before the two give their feedback on your feedback. Trust me, they’re trained professional amateurs and no one died during the livestream recording of this podcast. As a bonus, you’ll … Continue reading »

Extended Maintenance : Episode 6

“How Do You Solve a Problem Like World of Warcraft?” Solving problems with improbable solutions, Alt & Rho disect a number of the more common issues adressed by the playerbase. Two hours of podcasting later, you may understand that the real question is… Is there a problem with World of Warcraft in the first place? … Continue reading »