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Extended Maintenance : Episode 4

“Publish and Be Damned!” Communication is at the heart of this episode. Specifically, Alt & Rho analyze the history of Blizzard’s communication with the WoW playerbase. Is a single twitter feed such as @WarcraftDevs the right move for the game right now? Did @Ghostcrawler open a Pandora’s box? How do you make videos such as … Continue reading »

Episode 135 : Keep Kulle

Diablo 3 podcast “Kulle Story Bro” is featured on this episode which includes Rho’s idea for fixing the dungeon and LFR gearing dilemma currently seen in WoW. Find Kulle Story Bro on Twitter @KSBpodcast and find the website for the show at Watch the latest Dungeon & Raid Q&A at Podcast News: Final … Continue reading »

Episode 134 : PatchWatch

A WoW patch release means extended realm maintenance and an extended episode. This week Rho interviews BlizzardWatch Senior Editor and podcast co-host Anne Stickney as well as Zoopercat from Ask Mr. Robot. Plus, somehow Rho managed to get in two 50 Shades of Grey bits of audio from other podcasters. Coincidence? Totally. Find BlizzardWatch on … Continue reading »

Episode 132 : Hearth Sweet Home

Hearthcast celebrates their six year anniversary and Rho catches up with the co-hosts before pitting them against each other in a round of Hearthcast AoE. Find Hearthcast on Twitter @hearthcast and download their show at Podcast News: 30 Minute Cooldown, Sheep Moon, The Meeting Stone, Let’s WoW, WoW Geekly, Stormcast, Saturday Morning WoW, Twisted … Continue reading »

Extended Maintenance : Episode 3

“Many Questions! Handle It!” What happens when we tackle several listener questions along with feedback from our previous episode? Two and a half hours, that’s what. You’ll hear discussion on the Warcraft movie, Blizzard Watch, killing off lore characters, garrisons, and much more on our third episode. Extended Maintenance is a semi-occasional World of Warcraft … Continue reading »

Episode 131 : 400 From France

Rho talks about the end of WoW Insider and the beginnings of Blizzard Watch before spending over an hour with The Instance co-host Patrick Beja. Plus, find out the winner of last month’s Legendary Follower Contest! Find The Instance at and on Twitter @instanceshow Podcast News: Extended Maintenance, 30 Minute Cooldown, The Diablo Show, … Continue reading »

Episode 130 : Off and On the Record

Rho interviews the hosts of Warcraft : Off the Record. Find Warcraft Off the Record at Podcast News: Heroes Power Hour, Wowhead Weekly, The Starting Zone, Dalaran Brilliance(NEW), 30 Minute Cooldown, The Diablo 3 Podcast, Group Quest, Tauren Think Tank, The Meeting Stone, Town Hall Heroes, Girls Gone WoW, Behind The Avatar, Convert to … Continue reading »

Episode 129 : Geeked Out

A Legendary contest is introduced following this week’s spotlight interview with two co-hosts from the Geeks of Azeroth Podcast! Find Geeks of Azeroth at Check out the new Extended Maintenance podcast! Episode 2 is now on iTunes and Stitcher. Visit the Extended Maintenance page at Podcast News: All Things Azeroth, The Blizzard Hour(NEW), … Continue reading »