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Episode 163 : A Worthy Return

Rho talks to the hosts of A Worthy Opponent days before the recording of the 100th turn (episode?) of their Hearthstone podcast. There’s even some listener e-mail at the end of the show! Find A Worthy Opponent at and follow @AWorthyOpponent on Twitter for show updates and more. Podcast News: Stormcast, The Meeting Stone, … Continue reading »

Episode 162 : All About Those Balls

Rho interviews Thorn and Thyst from the Lagging Balls podcast. Oddly enough, Rho’s the one who gets bleeped during the interview. On top of that, there are a half dozen new Blizzard game podcasts to introduce in Podcast News, plus another contest for a Blizzcon Virtual Ticket. Don’t miss this one! Find Lagging Balls at … Continue reading »

Extended Maintenance : Episode 17

“Back to the Present” Speculation only goes so far as Alt & Rho catch up on several weeks of listener feedback. Bond makes an appearance, and the hosts seek your suggestions for the next episode. If there’s a particular topic you’d like to see covered, send your idea to Extended Maintenance is a semi-occasional … Continue reading »

Episode 161 : Zords of the Storm

Rho returns from a week off to spend some time with two co-hosts from the Lords of the Storm podcast. You’ll also find out about brand new podcasts for both World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm! Find Lords of the Storm at and follow @LordsoftheStorm on Twitter for show updates and more. … Continue reading »

Episode 160 : The Twizzard of Pods

A day late, but better late than never! Wait, that was last week’s title. This week, Rho interviews Twizz from Twizzcast, a Blizzard games podcast rebooted after being on a year and a half hiatus. Find Twizzcast at or and follow @TwizzBP on Twitter for show updates and more. Podcast News: Wowhead Weekly, … Continue reading »

Episode 159 : Better Late Than Never

For the first time in the show’s history, Rho interviews the host of a Starcraft podcast! Find The Late Game at and follow Lycan on Twitter @LycanGTV Podcast News: WoW Challenges(NEW), High Yield(NEW), Hearthaholics(NEW), Value Town, Well Met!, The Angry Chicken, Behind the Avatar, Darkmoon Herald, Guildmasters, Heroes Power Hour, Tauren Think Tank, Azeroth … Continue reading »

Episode 158 : Eye on the Tournaments

It’s a double dose of interviews this week as Rho interviews Anna and Gillyweed from Eye on the Storm and Jocelyn Moffet from The Angry Chicken. You’ll also find out the names of the podcasts participating in World of Podcasts 2015 as well as how you can win a Blizzcon Virtual Ticket! Realm Maintenance turned … Continue reading »

Episode 157 : Behind the Milestones

Rho shamelessly uses the Behind the Avatar format to interview Leeta from Behind the Avatar! Several shows appear to be hitting milestone episodes at the same time, as you’ll find out in Podcast News. Realm Maintenance turned three years old this week. Thank you for listening to this podcast about Blizzard game podcasts! Find Behind … Continue reading »

Episode 156 : Well Met, Legion!

Rho talks with the hosts of Well Met! about their Hearthstone podcast and the upcoming Grand Tournament. You’ll also learn about 4 new podcasts for Blizzard games and Rho’s thoughts on last Sunday’s Legion Q&A, or lack thereof. Find Well Met! on iTunes, Stitcher, and at Follow the show on Twitter @WellMetPodcast. Podcast News: … Continue reading »

Extended Maintenance : Episode 16

“You Are Not Chris Metzen” Fewer drinks are needed this week as Alt & Rho give their initial thoughts and feelings in the wake of the announcement for World of Warcraft: Legion. You’ll also hear Rho attempt to channel his inner Metzen. You are not prepared. Extended Maintenance is a semi-occasional World of Warcraft podcast … Continue reading »