Achieveatron #8 : The Hallowed Return of the Big Guy

This segment originally aired during Episode 29 of Something Suggestive.

With a little help from Moogyver from Spare Parts, Rho and the Achieveatron are reunited in time for the world event of Hallow’s End.

Listen to Episode 30 of Something Suggestive as Rho and the Achieveatron go to market.

Achieveatron #7 : The Pet Battlemaster

This segment originally aired during Episode 28 of Something Suggestive.

With the Achieveatron still offline, Rho finds a stand-in sidekick in “Cheevo” the Personal World Destroyer.

Pet battles are the center of discussion this time, and if you want some quick achievement points in the new system, look no further than here!

Listen to Episode 29 of Something Suggestive for a very special Achieveatron.

Achieveatron #6 : The Solo Scenario

Welcome to a new installment of the Achieveatron. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?!

With Something Suggestive back from hiatus, these segments are back underway… but all is not happiness and rainbows for Rho when the activation of Mists of Pandaria overloads the Achieveatron’s circuits.

Nevertheless, there are achievements to hunt, and Rho talks about how you can snag some quick achievements in the new scenario system.

The story of the Achieveatron upgrade continues over the next two segments so keep your eyes here or on Something Suggestive for future episodes!

Achieveatron #5: The Misty Guild Achievement Preview

Being the achievement junkie that I am, I figured guild achievements shouldn’t be left out when it comes to the Achieveatron. With 5.0.4 coming out it seemed like a fine time to preview some of the guild achievements to shoot for when MoP is live.

I’m very excited about the slew of new achievements added for the taking. This segment’s lifespan depends on it after all!

Listen to Achieveatron #6 when it debuts on the next episode of Something Suggestive.

As a quick reminder, Realm Maintenance’s new official email is and you can follow the show on Twitter @RealmPodcast or follow my personal Twitter account @RhoWoW.

Achieveatron #4 : The Fjord Fisherman

This segment introduced a couple of twists to the Achieveatron segment.

First, the Achieveatron truly had a voice of its own. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out I voice the Achieveatron. Drop the pitch 20%, add in some robotic quality goodness and Rho’s partner in point hunting becomes available as needed to be a bit more vocal. You’ll see me use this in future episodes also.

Second, please note that this archive contains the entire segment as heard on Something Suggestive #25, which includes a now expired contest. This was Jan’s first real milestone episode and I was happy to donate a Moonkin Hatchling pet to be used as a contest prize. This contest of course is now over, but you never know when something may happen like this in the future on Achieveatron or elsewhere. Keep your ears open!

Special thanks to El’s Anglin, a great resource for all things Fishing in WoW!

Achieveatron #3: The Slayer of Many Whelps

No WoW YouTube video has been as viewed  as the Leeroy Jenkins video. The Onyxia Wipe Animation video is certainly up there though (Warning: If you’ve never seen this it contains explicit language and is certainly NSFW)

Both of these videos were so popular with Blizzard that achievements based on them were worked in during Wrath of the Lich King. I took some of the cleaner parts from the dialogue and worked them into the third segment of Achieveatron.

You’ll probably notice the very last clip is briefly censored. That’s intentional for here as any content I directly produce on the site will be kept clean, though it’s left uncensored in the Something Suggestive version.

I have no problem with explicit WoW podcasts or segments at all. I mean, hello? Something Suggestive is explicit and that’s not going to change. If you’re going to put content out there, I don’t believe you should feel constrained by what the “average” listener is going to think, and that’s certainly a subjective issue anyhow.

If you want to cast clean, cast clean. If you want to cast dirty, then by all means cast dirty. The internet is huge, and there’s an audience for anything you put out there.

Regardless, Realm Maintenance has no intention of discriminating podcasts based on the explicitness of their content. I may add warnings, but that’s just being responsible and to be honest most podcasts put out those warnings themselves anyhow.

Speech over. Enjoy the clip, and feedback is always welcomed! Check back here tomorrow for an article about raiding and what I would do if I was the dev behind the curtain.

Achieveatron #2: The Frostbitten Bloody Rare Hunter

The second Achieveatron segment was produced a few weeks ago, before we knew of the exact release date for Mists of Pandaria. I’ve tried to keep in the habit of being three to four weeks ahead on content, in case real life limits my time to work on making a segment on any given week

When MoP’s release date became known, I had to make an edit to reflect it. With 5.0 now on the Background Downloader, cross realm zones are literally just days away. I suggest putting more of a focus on these achievements if you’re interested in them.

This segment sees an ever so slight tweak to the intro, adding in an all too familiar sound when the Achieveatron is brought online.

Thanks again to Allison Robert at WoW Insider for her articles on Bloody Rare and Frostbitten, which were used as resource material for this segment.

Don’t forget that segment #3 can be listened to now if you check out Something Suggestive Episode 24 which just went up last night.

Your feedback is always appreciated. Enjoy!