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Episode 145 : Brilliance

The host of Dalaran Brilliance is looking for mages, and Rho interviews him about the fledgling class-specific podcast. The Rolling Restart rolls a little longer than usual as the subject of podcasting and short-term inactivity is brought up. Find Dalaran Brilliance on iTunes, Stitcher or at Follow the show on Twitter @DalBrilliance Podcast News: … Continue reading »

Episode 144 : Ctrl Alt Warlords

One of the longest running WoW podcasts is revisited when Rho interviews Aprillian, Leeta, and Rogueslayer from Ctrl Alt WoW… and yes, Rho talks about the 2.7 million subscriber loss in WoW. He has to. It’s in the contract. Find Ctrl Alt WoW on iTunes, Stitcher, or at Follow the show on Twitter @CtrlAltWoW … Continue reading »

Episode 143 : Workshop in Progress

You’ll get a full interview with the hosts of the Westmarch Workshop this week since Rho didn’t have much time to gather up all the podcast news. Also, find out more about Soundcloud’s podcast hosting service which just ended its beta period. Find Westmarch Workshop on iTunes, Stitcher, or at Follow the show on … Continue reading »

Episode 142 : An Alternative Alt

When is a WoW podcast not always a WoW podcast? Rho interviews the host of WoW Alt after talking about a dot com site that podcasters may want to investigate. Find The Castbar on iTunes or Stitcher. Follow the show on Twitter @CastbarPodcast Podcast News: WoW Uncensored, Battle Talk, Kulle Story Bro, Game Case Show, … Continue reading »

Episode 141 : Cast Uninterrupted

Rho says goodbye to the Guardian of the Forums before interviewing the hosts of the Castbar podcast. Find The Castbar on iTunes or Stitcher. Follow the show on Twitter @CastbarPodcast Podcast News: Knights of Ebon, Group Quest, Darkmoon Herald, Westmarch Workshop, The Sundering, Bisnation, 30 Minute Cooldown, Girls Gone WoW, Hearthcast, Lorewalkers Roundtable ————- Are … Continue reading »

Episode 140 : Master Casters

Matt and Will from The Edge return to the show to talk with Rho about “Guildmasters,” their new podcast venture focused on providing advice and resources for guild leaders and officers. Find Guildmasters at or on Twitter @GuildmastersOrg Podcast News: Group Quest, The Diablo Show, Lorewalkers Roundtable, Horde for Life, Lords of the Storm, … Continue reading »

Episode 139 : Saturday Morning Fever

Rho chats with the hosts of Saturday Morning WoW about the transition made from the show formerly known as Epic Podcast. Plus, find out who the Grand Prize winner is from last week’s Heroes of the Storm beta key giveaway! Find Saturday Morning WoW at or on Twitter @smw_podcast Podcast News: The Meeting Stone, … Continue reading »

Episode 138 : Keys to the Nexus

Heroes of the Storm gets most of the attention this week as Rho interviews the hosts of The Nexus podcast and runs a giveaway of 25 Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta keys! You can find complete details for the Beta Key giveaway here: Find The Nexus at or on Twitter @TheNexusPodcast Podcast … Continue reading »

Episode 137 : A Howling Good Time

How does The Worgen’s Howl podcast not get noticed by Rho for over A YEAR?! The answer may surprise you when Rho talks to co-hosts Frostee and Kaz. If you’ve been hankering for an Overwatch podcast you have a couple of options this week… and to start the show off Rho questions an inconsistency in … Continue reading »