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Episode 104: Legendary Trolls

Last week thousands of you checked out the site, and this week we announce the 15 lucky winners of a Warlords of Draenor beta key! The Warcraft Trolls podcast is revisted, two new podcasts are introduced, and Rho gives his thoughts about Artifacts in Heroes of the Storm. ———————————- Podcast of the Week- Warcraft Trolls … Continue reading »

Episode 103: Chasing Beta

Want a Warlords of Draenor beta key? Listen to the first few minutes to find out how you can get one of 15 being given away on the show thanks to Blizzard! Meanwhile, Rho feels “Laggy,” Curse of Naxxramas releases, and the Stormchasers of Azeroth are in the podcast spotlight this week. All this, plus … Continue reading »

Episode 102: Think Twice

It’s time to take another dive into the Tauren Think Tank as Rho talks to the hosts of this unique advice show about a year and half removed from their first interview. Also, find out how you can win a t-shirt by promoting #WoWp5! ———————————- Podcast of the Week- Tauren Think Tank Website: Twitter: … Continue reading »

Episode 101: Meditate on This

After a three hour milestone episode, it’s time to return to the normal format and meditate on faction hubs, podcast news, and the Monk Meditation podcast. ———————————- Podcast of the Week- Monk Meditation Website: Twitter: @Monk_Meditation @WoWMonk @DaikatsuCTR Livestream: Every other Monday at ———————————- Podcast News: Geeks of Azeroth(NEW), GroupQuest, Blizzcon Countdown, … Continue reading »

Episode 100: Podcasters & Podcastees

The show’s 100th episode is a 3 hour special “Extended Maintenance,” featuring interviews with nearly 60 podcasters and podcastees recorded over the past several weeks. This special show is dedicated to anyone and everyone who has ever listened to or produced one of the many Blizzard game podcasts out there. Podcast News: Cloak and Quiver, … Continue reading »

Realm Maintenance: Ep. #99 – Amazing Grace

This week’s show goes a little longer than most to bring you a full 30+ minute interview with “Lady WoW” herself, Olivia Grace! Rho also mentions a few podcasts returning from hiatus, as well as some more World of Podcasts info. ———————————- Podcast of the Week- Talk Azeroth Youtube: Twitter: @oliviadgrace ———————————- Podcast News: … Continue reading »

Realm Maintenance: Ep. #98 – Be Prepared

Alpha continues to dominate the WoW news, World of Podcasts hype continues to grow, and Episode 100 is around the corner. There’s plenty to talk about this week as the show focuses on a Heroes of the Storm podcast. ———————————- Podcast of the Week- Prepare For Combat Site: Twitter: @Prepare4Combat @AcuZod @Alachaas @irljasmine Livestream: … Continue reading »

Realm Maintenance: Ep. #97 – A Portal Opens

The Warlords of Draenor Alpha has been unleashed upon many in the podcast community and beyond, and you’re sure to hear about it in the weeks to come in Podcast News. This week Rho talks to the hosts of the Chaos Portal, a show known for traversing the chaos of the forums and beyond. ———————————- … Continue reading »

Realm Maintenance: Ep. #96 – Converted to Podcasting

Following some words about the Heart of the Valorous buff, Rho brings you an interview with the hosts of The Converted, along with the usual helping of podcast news and information on the show’s giveaways leading up to Episode 100. ———————————- Podcast of the Week- The Converted Site: Twitter: @Converted_CTR @Summer_Sal @BelshnickleCTR @NavoxCTR YouTube: … Continue reading »

Realm Maintenance: Ep. #95 – Cloaked and Quivering with Anticipation

Rho interviews Convert to Raid podcast alumnus Solarflair on his new hunter class podcast after spending a few minutes talking about Rob Pardo and diversity in gaming. ———————————- Podcast of the Week- Cloak and Quiver Twitter: @CloakAndQuiver @the_solarflair YouTube: Listen to this show on iTunes, YouTube, and Stitcher Radio ———————————- Podcast News: Epic Podcast, … Continue reading »