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A Necessary Message

You can either read this blog or listen to to file here or on the Realm Maintenance podcast feed. The following you are about to read is not what is typically found here. I am posting this on the Realm Maintenance feed and on in an attempt to provide as much exposure and disclosure as possible. … Continue reading »

Episode 111: Meeting the Town Hall

A week full of milestone episodes and returning podcasts accompanies Rho’s thoughts on the upcoming Hearthstone card balance adjustments and an interview with Jake and Scham from the Town Hall Heroes podcast. Plus, find out how you can get yourself a personalized Realm Maintenance t-shirt! ————- Podcast of the Week- Town Hall: Heroes Site: … Continue reading »

Episode 110: Blessed Without Frost

Kurn returns to the show to talk about the Kurncast after Rho ponders about whether or not Garrisons are truly required for raiding in Warlords after a recent blue post. ————- Podcast of the Week- The Kurncast Site: Twitter: @kurnmogh Email ————- Podcast News: The Azeroth Perspective, Casual2Raider, GroupQuest, Gnome’s Eye View, The … Continue reading »

Episode 109: Stop in the Name of Lore

September is kicked off with the return of Stopcast to the show and plenty of news for WoW, Diablo, and other Blizzard franchise podcasts. ————- Podcast of the Week- Stopcast Site: Livestream: on Mondays at 11pm Eastern time Twitter: @StopcastPodcast ————- Podcast News: Westmarch Workshop, The Diablo Show, Azeroth Roundtable, Stormchasers of Azeroth, … Continue reading »

Episode 108: The Leading Edge

The hosts of the Edge pay a visit on this week’s show, accompanied by Rho’s thoughts on two raid tiers for Warlords, the introduction of three new Blizzard podcasts, an update on World of Podcasts 2014, and much more. ———————————- Podcast of the Week- The Edge Site: Livestream: on Tuesdays at 8pm Eastern … Continue reading »

Episode 107: The Other TMS

Where would you want a meeting stone in real life? Rho asks Mike and Bryan from The Meeting Stone that question, along with introducing a new Hearthstone podcast, announcing the participating podcasts for World of Podcasts Anaheim 2014, and ranting about final boss spoilers. ———————————- Podcast of the Week- The Meeting Stone Site: Twitter: … Continue reading »

Episode 106: Two for Two

The two year anniversary of the podcast is recognized with a double dose of full length podcast interviews, featuring guests old and new. ———————————- Podcast of the Week #1- The Journal of Marcus Ty Site: Twitter: @MarcusTy @NevAHAddict Email: Podcast of the Week #2- Horde for Life Site: Twitter: @HFLPodcast Email: … Continue reading »

Episode 105: A Valuable Podcast

Rho introduces you to two new podcasts, rants about ranting, and announces the announcement of an announcement. All this, plus an interview with Chanman from Value Town and information on how you can help support World of Podcasts! ———————————- Podcast of the Week- Value Town YouTube: Twitch: Twitter: @ChanmanV @TrumpSC ———————————- Podcast News: … Continue reading »

Episode 104: Legendary Trolls

Last week thousands of you checked out the site, and this week we announce the 15 lucky winners of a Warlords of Draenor beta key! The Warcraft Trolls podcast is revisted, two new podcasts are introduced, and Rho gives his thoughts about Artifacts in Heroes of the Storm. ———————————- Podcast of the Week- Warcraft Trolls … Continue reading »

Episode 103: Chasing Beta

Want a Warlords of Draenor beta key? Listen to the first few minutes to find out how you can get one of 15 being given away on the show thanks to Blizzard! Meanwhile, Rho feels “Laggy,” Curse of Naxxramas releases, and the Stormchasers of Azeroth are in the podcast spotlight this week. All this, plus … Continue reading »