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Episode 170 : Spelled with a Y

Rho interviews Evlyxx, host of the priest-focused Evangelysm podcast for World of Warcraft. Overwatch hype included. Batteries not included. Podcast News: 30 Minute Cooldown, Stormcast, Eye on the Storm, Dirty Casual(NEW), State of the Craft, Behind the Avatar, Westmarch Workshop, Group Quest, Stopcast, The Angry Chicken, Overwatchers, The Overview(NEW), Value Town, Your WoW Money, Tauren … Continue reading »

Episode 169 : Short and Solo

There’s no interview this week, but the show goes on with all of the other stuff you hear on a typical episode, including information on a new podcast and some listener feedback in voicemail form! Podcast News: BlizzardCast(NEW), Shattered Soulstone, The Meeting Stone, The Instance, Horde for Life, Happy Hearthstone, Behind the Avatar, Final Boss, … Continue reading »

Episode 168 : Alpha Geek Is

Rho is back from Blizzcon, bringing you an interview with Todd Whitehead of Alpha Geek Radio. You’ll also hear from a variety of personalities at Blizzcon, including Towellie, Qelric, Darrie from Zerg ID, and much more! Thank you to every single person I met at Blizzcon for their kind words, hugs, handshakes, and everything else! … Continue reading »

Episode 167 : #Blizzcouch

It’s almost party time in Anaheim, and this week’s episode features interviews with organizers from four of the larger Blizzcon gatherings as well as an extended interview with Blizzcon Virtual Ticket co-host Michele Morrow! Catch Realm Maintenance on Alpha Geek Radio this Saturday when Rho records live from the Anaheim Hilton. Episode 168 of … Continue reading »

Episode 166 : Betawatch

The Overwatch Beta has arrived! Whether you’re in or not, there’s plenty of Overwatch podcasts already out there and this week Rho will introduce you to Overcast. You’ll also get a roundup of all the other Overwatch shows out there, and a new podcast segment is introduced at the end of the show from The … Continue reading »

Episode 165 : 200 Gone WoW

This month’s series of revisiting podcasts concludes with the third visit of Girls Gone WoW, just a couple of weeks shy of their 200th episode. Will Rho talk about 6.2.3? Not as much as you might think. He does however summon his inner dreadlord at the top of the show for a new Hallow’s End … Continue reading »

Episode 164 : All the Things

It’s been over 150 episodes since Rho had Medros on from All Things Azeroth, so it’s about time to check back with the long running show. This week you’ll learn the identity of the newest co-host for the WoW podcast with the most episodes produced in the history of the game. It’s also your opportunity … Continue reading »

Episode 163 : A Worthy Return

Rho talks to the hosts of A Worthy Opponent days before the recording of the 100th turn (episode?) of their Hearthstone podcast. There’s even some listener e-mail at the end of the show! Find A Worthy Opponent at and follow @AWorthyOpponent on Twitter for show updates and more. Podcast News: Stormcast, The Meeting Stone, … Continue reading »

Episode 162 : All About Those Balls

Rho interviews Thorn and Thyst from the Lagging Balls podcast. Oddly enough, Rho’s the one who gets bleeped during the interview. On top of that, there are a half dozen new Blizzard game podcasts to introduce in Podcast News, plus another contest for a Blizzcon Virtual Ticket. Don’t miss this one! Find Lagging Balls at … Continue reading »

Episode 161 : Zords of the Storm

Rho returns from a week off to spend some time with two co-hosts from the Lords of the Storm podcast. You’ll also find out about brand new podcasts for both World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm! Find Lords of the Storm at and follow @LordsoftheStorm on Twitter for show updates and more. … Continue reading »