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Episode 199: Fury Rho’d

Rho gives his take on the recent Podcast Awards and engages in a no holds barred discussion with Berzerker about his Unshackled Fury podcast and the state of WoW podcasting in general. An interesting precursor to next week’s epic Episode 200 roundtable show! Find the Unshackled Fury podcast at Podcast News: A Heroes’ Welcome … Continue reading »

Episode 198: Cheers, Love!

Rho discusses the state of Overwatch and more with the hosts of The Cavalry podcast. Find the The Cavalry podcast at Podcast News: The Training Dummies, Into the Nexus, Laps Around Dalaran(NEW), Overplayed, Tankcast, Well Met!, Group Quest, Tauren Think Tank, Well Played Party You can also find Rho this week on the Geektitude … Continue reading »

Episode 197: Forge Ahead

Rho chats with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton, the crafters of over two dozen possible hero concepts for Heroes of the Storm on the HeroesForge podcast. Find the HeroesForge podcast at Podcast News: All Things Azeroth, Heroes Radio(NEW), Final Boss, The Starting Zone, Legends Style(NEW), Lords of the Storm, Saturday Morning WoW, The Meeting … Continue reading »

Episode 196: Inspired

Find the Hero Power podcast at Podcast News: The Battlenet News(NEW), The Angry Chicken, The Starting Zone, Stormcast, Lorewatch, Group Quest, Deathrattle Crew, Looking for Roleplay, Darkmoon Herald ————- Are you part of a WoW or other Blizzard franchise podcast and want your news mentioned here? Email Realm Maintenance is here to promote … Continue reading »

Episode 195: Dream On

Learn more about the Emerald Dreamcast this week after Rho talks beta keys and Overwatch loot boxes. Tweet the hashtag mentioned in today’s show to @RealmPodcast to be entered to win one of five more Legion beta keys this week! Find Emerald Dramcast at Podcast News: Overplayed, Golden Wisp, The Meeting Stone, Into the … Continue reading »

Episode 194: We’re All Soldiers Now

It’s a special episode celebrating the launch of Overwatch! Rho talks to Garrett Weinzerl from Overwatchers. You’ll also find out how to find every Overwatch podcast on Twitter, how to cure yourself of Bastionitis, and learn what you need to tweet to win a WoW: Legion Beta key! Find Overwatchers at Podcast News: The … Continue reading »

Episode 193: One N, Two Z’s

The co-hosts of FrozeNerdz return to talk about their podcast, the Blizzard Arcade, and much more! Don’t forget to enter to win a Collector’s Edition Blizzcon Badge for yourself or a friend crafted by Faebelina! To enter, tweet #BlizzconBound to @RealmPodcast by May 22, 2016. Find FrozeNerdz at Podcast News: Epic Questions, The Instance, … Continue reading »

Episode 192: Saddle Up

Rho spends some time with the co-hosts of Reins of Azeroth after talking about an idea to improve the World of Warcraft. Don’t forget to enter to win a Collector’s Edition Blizzcon Badge for yourself or a friend crafted by Faebelina! To enter, tweet #BlizzconBound to @RealmPodcast by May 22, 2016. Find Reins of Azeroth … Continue reading »

Episode 191: Coin Flip

The Overwatch Open Beta has beun, so obviously it’s time to spotlight a Hearthstone podcast! Hm. Right, that needs work. At any rate, this week Rho talks to Jase Nolan from the Coin Concede podcast after giving thoughts about the recently posted Episode 150 of The Starting Zone. Also! Find out how you can win … Continue reading »

Episode 190: Escort the Payload

It’s launch day for a new Hearthstone expansion, so obviously it’s time to spotlight an Overwatch podcast! Wait, what? Don’t worry, we’ll get to a Hearthstone show next week! Rho talks about Whispers of the Old Gods in the Rolling Restart before moving on to interview the hosts of Blizzpro’s “The Payload.” Find The Payload … Continue reading »