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Episode 179: Heroes, and Hearthstones, and Bears! Oh My!

Rho chats with the hosts of Battle Rez Bears, a podcast for new and returning raiders in WoW. You’ll also find out how four Heroes of the Storm podcasts are coming together for a great cause on February 20th. Find the Battle Rez Bears podcast at For more information about the Heroes Charity Brawl, … Continue reading »

Episode 178: Their WoW Money

Rho chats with the hosts of Your WoW Money, including discussion on the current state of goldmaking podcasts. Find the Your WoW Money podcast at Podcast News: High Noon(NEW), Overtalk(NEW), Final Boss, Hunting Party Podcast, Evangelysm, Hearthcoach, Dalaran Academy, The Training Dummies, Town Hall Heroes, BlizzardCast, The Game Case, PWNcast ————- Are you part … Continue reading »

Episode 177: Casting to Scale

Rho chats with the hosts of The Rykter Scale about their show as well as the state of WoW, Legion, and the rest of the Blizzard universe. Learn more about Tauren Think Tank’s trip to PAX South, and listen to Rho’s Hearthstone wish list! Find the Rykter Scale podcast at Podcast News: Twisted Nether … Continue reading »

Episode 176: Choose Wisely

Rho takes a seat at the tavern with the guests of Velen’s Chosen, a Hearthstone podcast focused on playing competitively while on a budget. Podcast News: Stormchasers of Azeroth, Chics That Click, Darkmoon Herald, The Guardians(NEW), The Lorecraft Podcast, 1600 Dust, The Unstable Portal, Warcraft: Off the Record, Shattered Soulstone, Group Quest, Stormcast, The Worgen’s … Continue reading »

Episode 175: Good Talk

Realm Maintenance begins 2016 with the spotlight on the “WoW! Talk!” podcast. Also, find out Rho’s resolutions for Blizzard games in 2016 and how your own resolution could win you $20 for your balance! Podcast News: Hearthcast, Legend of the Innkeeper, Hero Power(NEW), Your WoW Money, Azeroth Roundtable, The Instance, Overwatchers, Extended Maintenance, The … Continue reading »

Episode 174: Yearly Maintenance 2015

A special end-of-the-year show as Rho presents clips from 20 of his favorite Blizzard game podcasts from 2015. The show’s normal weekly format will return with Episode 175 on January 12th, 2016. Have a happy new year! ————- Are you part of a WoW or other Blizzard franchise podcast and want your news mentioned here? … Continue reading »

A Winter Veil Tale

There’s no regular episode this week. In it’s place I’m happy to present to you this WoW radio play from years past, originally produced and presented by For the Horde radio. For more content from Auntie Ed, the producer of A Winter Veil Tale, go to her YouTube channel at Happy Holidays! Next week’s … Continue reading »

Episode 173: Roll for Initiative

The entire crew of The Overwatch Initiative gives Rho their current impressions of the game. Rho rambles on about raiding and enrage mechanics, and you’ll learn more about the show’s plans for the remainder of the year. Podcast News: Battle Chat(NEW), Grand Old Podcast, Looking for Roleplay, Meagan and Ward-craft, Golden Wisp, Azeroth Roundtable, HotScast, … Continue reading »

Episode 172 : Start Here

Rho revisits The Starting Zone to let you know how this show has evolved over the past couple of years. Plus, learn about 3 new podcasts for various Blizzard games! If you’re a podcaster and are interested in getting your show on Google Play Music in the near future, go to Podcast News: The … Continue reading »

Episode 171 : Meet the Press

Lexi and Gwen from the Booty Bay Press talk to Rho about their roleplaying-focused WoW podcast. Spoiler alert: Rho talks about talking about spoilers in the Rolling Restart. Make sure to listen to the whole show to find out how you could win one of four Brightpaw companion pets being given away this month on … Continue reading »