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Episode 234: Raiding & Gathering

Two interviews for the price of one free episode! Rho talks to the hosts of Raiding with Lisia, then chats with Covert to Raid’s Sharku about the upcoming Gathering Storm tournament for Heroes. Follow @lisiaraids on Twitter for more from Raiding with Lisia. For info on the Gathering Storm, follow @GSTournament. Podcast News: CtrlAltWoW, Victors … Continue reading »

Episode 233 : FAZtastic!

Rho discusses WoW Patch 7.2 with Jocelyn Moffet and Garrett Weinzierl from the For Azeroth! podcast. Follow @FAZpodcast on Twitter for show updates and more. Podcast News: Blizzcon Countdown, Epic Questions, Hearthcast, The Instance, Tauren Think Tank, Victor’s Sanctum, Azeroth Roundtable, The Lorecraft Podcast, The Training Dummies, The Worgen’s Howl, Golden Wisp, Hearthcore, Value Town, … Continue reading »

Episode 231 : Time is Money

Dex and Mac from The Goblin Goldcast discuss their goldmaking tips and philosophy with Rho. Follow The Goblin Goldcast on Twitter @Goblingoldcast Podcast News: Epic Fail, Epic Questions, The Game Case, The Instance, Adventures in Azeroth, Azeroth Coast to Coast, Girls Gone WoW, The Starting Zone, Westmarch Workshop, CORE, Heroes Forge, Into the Nexus, Heroes … Continue reading »

Episode 230 : Technically 7.2sday

Gerissar, Windstead, and Andallyn talk to Rho about their WoW PvP podcast just as Patch 7.2 hits the live servers. Make sure to listen to Podcast News this week and learn about eight new Overwatch Podcasts that Rho recently discovered! Follow Technically PvP on Twitter @Technically_PvP Podcast News: The Starting Zone, The Worgen’s Howl, The … Continue reading »

#6 – Guilded Cage

What happens when a guild you fell in love with slowly falls apart? Ging shares her recent experiences with Rho on a special hour long episode. We would love to get your advice and feedback more than ever on this one. Feel free to share your own experiences with us before we follow up on … Continue reading »

#5 – Quest Text

Deededee is back on the show to talk with Rho about the state of leveling quest content. Do people care about it anymore in the age of Character Boosts? What can be done to kickstart interest in the rest of Azeroth’s lore from the recent past? You’ll hear some ideas for a solution this week! … Continue reading »

#4 – Brutally Mythic Grind

Rho couldn’t help but talk about the aftermath of the most recent World First race, and he welcomes Warcraft streamer, content creator, and more importantly Mythic raider Brutall onto the show to discuss some of the issues facing those on the bleeding edge of raid progression. Catch Brutall on his stream at Check out … Continue reading »

Episode 220: Starting Over

Rho talks to the newest hosts of The Starting Zone, a World of Warcraft podcast. Also, find out how you can participate in the Icecrown Challenge. Find The Starting Zone at For more information on the Icecrown Challenge, go to Podcast News: Fireside Talks(NEW), Brewmasters(NEW), The Hearthstone Podcast(NEW), Twisted Nether Blogcast, High Noon, … Continue reading »

Episode 217: 500 Alt WoW!

November ends with Rho’s third interview of Ctrl Alt WoW, days before the recording of the show’s 500th episode. You’ll also learn the plans for the show in December and hear about a couple of Heroes of the Storm podcasts that haven’t been mentioned here so far. Find Ctrl Alt WoW at Podcast News: GankBush … Continue reading »

Episode 212: To The Victor

Rho discusses World of Warcraft PvP and more with Ryan and Konfiscate from the Victor’s Sanctum podcast. Find the Victor’s Sanctum podcast at Podcast News: Battletagged, Unshackled Fury, Into the Nexus, Heroes Forge, Blizzcon Countdown, The Tauren & The Goblin (NEW), Hero Power Cast, Darkmoon Herald, The Game Case, Battlechat, WoW Challenges, Overplayed ————- … Continue reading »