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Episode 253 : Best in Show

Sparty Smallwood, host of the Best in Slot podcast, joins Rho for a conversation about his show and the state of World of Warcraft. You’ll learn about a few new shows that have just started in the past few weeks along with all the usual helpings of podcast news. Follow Sparty on Twitter @SpartySmallwood If … Continue reading »

#29 – Growth Spurt

The future of PvP looks bright with growth in the Arena World Championship and the possibility of 6v6 rated battlegrounds in Battle for Azeroth. Belle from Pwncast and Rho discuss the most significant changes to how competitive play is being promoted in WoW. You can also find Belle on Twittter @belleofpwncast and on Pwncast. Check … Continue reading »

Episode 252 : Frazzled

Rho interviews Frazley from Frazlcast, a World of Warcraft podcast. There’s a ton of podcast news this week, with over 30 Blizzard shows mentioned, including the development of a new Hearthstone podcast that Rho is very excited about. Follow Frazlcast on Twitter @Frazlcast If you enjoy World of Warcraft, listen to Rho on the Rolling … Continue reading »

#27 – Best Side Story

The first episode of 2018 features Jon Jagger and Rho doing what they do best and discussing the storytelling in WoW. Specifically, this episode focuses on the side stories that develop during and between expansions, and what Rho and Jon would like to see in the months to come outside of the primary Battle for … Continue reading »

#26 – Three Simple Questions

The entire cast of the Rolling Restart answers three simple questions. Why do we still play WoW? What will we remember the most about the game in 2017? Lastly, what are our hopes for the game in 2018? This episode marks the one year anniversary of the show. Thank you to everyone who has been … Continue reading »

#24 – Raidin’ Down Memory Lane

Thyst joins the regular rotation of co-hosts on the show as she and Rho talk about memorable raids through their times in WoW. Check out the home for the Rolling Restart at You can also find Thyst on Lagging Balls and Convert to Raid. Follow us on Twitter @RestartCast! Questions, comments or submissions can … Continue reading »

Episode 248 : Summon Thyst

Thyst from the Lagging Balls podcasts helps an ill Rho in a co-op edition of the show! Rho interviews the co-hosts of the Summoning Stone podcast and gives his thoughts on WoW Classic. Follow the Summoning Stone on Twitter @Summoning_Stone You can find Thyst on the Lagging Balls podcast! Follow her on Twitter @Thyst03 If … Continue reading »

Episode 247 : Blizzcon – The Hype Awakens

This show includes a special Blizzcon interview with Hearthstone Game Designer Mike Donais and Concept Artist Jomaro Kindred which focuses on the recently announced Kobolds & Catacombs set. You’ll also hear Rho’s personal take on Blizzcon from Day 0 to the day after. If you enjoy World of Warcraft, listen to Rho on the Rolling … Continue reading »

#22 – Simply the Best

Three co-hosts join Rho in a special pre-Blizzcon episode that takes a look at the best parts of Legion before briefly looking ahead to what’s to come at Blizzcon for World of Warcraft. NOTE: Rolling Restart’s next episode is scheduled for November 11th, but we may squeeze in a show on the 4th recorded live … Continue reading »

Episode 245 : Virtually Blizzcon Time

This week it’s a short show with the usual helpings of podcast news and information, including how you may be able to get your hands on a Blizzcon Virtual ticket on this show or several others thanks to Blizzard Entertainment! Realm Maintenance returns in just one week with a special pre-Blizzcon episode. Don’t miss it! … Continue reading »