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If you arrived here because you bookmarked this page, our new home is at www.extendedcast.net!

When a topic is just too big to be talked about in a quick Rolling Restart segment on Realm Maintenance or on Alternative Chat, you can expect an episode of the Extended Maintenance podcast to take care of it!

Co-Hosted by Alt from alternative-blog.net and Rho, the Extended Maintenance podcast is a semi-occasional WoW podcast that is just beginning its own long, strange trip. We invite you to stay a while, and listen!

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Episodes will be archived on this page.

Episode 3 : “Many Questions! Handle It!”

Episode 2 : “State of the Garrison”

Episode 1 : “Pay Your Way, Play Your Way”

Follow the show on Twitter @ExtendedCast and send any questions or comments to ExtendedCast@gmail.com!

5 thoughts on “Extended Maintenance Podcast

  1. Seems like RSS doesn’t work for my podcast app – it adds the show but is not finding any episodes. I can’t say if it’s only me or not.

    1. Applications for iTunes and Stitcher were submitted yesterday. With the holidays it may take a little extra time for them to show up.

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