WoW & Blizzard Podcast Livestream Guide

The following is a list of all WoW podcasts that to the best of my knowledge make use of livestream recordings for their show.

Click on the podcast listed to be taken to the show’s livestream page.

All times listed are US Eastern Time (check at the bottom for conversion to other time zones.)

  • The Livestream Guide is temporarily unavailable as we verify and update current livestream information. We hope to have the page updated in the coming weeks. Thanks for understanding!








If you know of a show that records live which isn’t listed here, please contact me via email at or on Twitter @RealmPodcast.

Subtract 3 hours for US Pacific. Add 5 hours for GMT. Add 15 hours for Australian time (Sydney)

Need a time converter for your area? Try

NOTE: This page is still in development and will be updated as more information is gathered.

7 thoughts on “WoW & Blizzard Podcast Livestream Guide

  1. Since I technically made the calendar, I’ll leave some instructions as to how to use it.
    The calendar is shown in American EST, however in the bottom right hand corner there’s a google calendar button. If you press this button the calendar will try and add itself to your Google Calendar. This will convert all the times to whatever time zone you are in. (This requires a google account, go to to get started)
    When in your google calendar you can set it up to sync with your iPhone, Android or most other digital calendars, by following the instructions Here

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