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Realm Maintenance #39 “Grand Old Time Waiting” (05/14/13 Grand Old Podcast)

Realm Maintenance #38 “Don’t Give Lore the Middlefinger” (05/07/13 gChat/Middlefinger Podcast)

Realm Maintenance #37 “This Josh In” (04/30/13 WoW Pet Battle Crew/Happy Hearthstone)

Realm Maintenance #36 “Holy Dev Chat” (04/23/13 Holy Shatt)

Realm Maintenance #35 “In The Zone” (04/16/13 The Starting Zone)

Realm Maintenance #34 “Flipping the Roundtable” (04/09/13 Azeroth Roundtable)

Realm Maintenance #33 “500 WoW Things” (04/02/13 5 WoW Things)

Realm Maintenance #32 “Full Horde House” (03/26/13 Epic Questions)

Realm Maintenance #31 “Epic Heals & High Fives” (03/19/13 Epic Questions)

Realm Maintenance #30 “Epic Q, QQ & A” (03/12/13 Epic Questions)

Realm Maintenance #29 “Convert to the Thunder King” (03/05/13 5.2 Launch Special with Convert to Raid, the Sha of Happiness, and Suzushiiro from Big Crits)

Realm Maintenance #28 “Around the World of Warcast” (02/26/13 World of Warcast)

Realm Maintenance #27 “Training Dummies Are People Too” (02/19/13 The Training Dummies)

Realm Maintenance #26 “Podcasts Gone WoW” (02/12/13 Girls Gone WoW)

Realm Maintenance #25 “Battle Moon Rising” (02/05/13 Battle Pets w/ Alludra & Kephas, Sheep Moon)

Realm Maintenance #24 “No Twizzness Like Show Twizzness” (01/29/13 Twizzcast)

Realm Maintenance #23 “For Whom the Patch Trolls” (01/22/13 Warcraft Trolls)

Realm Maintenance #22 “Fresh Shows Caught Weekly” (01/15/13 Bitter & Salty)

Realm Maintenance #21 “Happy New WoWcasts” (01/08/13 WoWcast)

Realm Maintenance #20 “Yearly Maintenance” (01/01/13 Four hour long retrospective of 52 different WoW podcasts through the year)

Realm Maintenance #19 “Ctrl Alt Winter Veil” (12/25/12 Ctrl Alt WoW, Holiday Greetings from the community)

Realm Maintenance #18 “Twas the Hearthcast Before Xmas” (12/18/12, Hearthcast)

Realm Maintenance #17 “Kittens For Life” (12/11/12, Horde For Life)

Realm Maintenance #16 “Stop! Heraldtime!” (12/04/12, Darkmoon Herald & Stopcast)

Realm Maintenance #15 “Instance 299.5.1” (11/27/12, The Instance & WoWmartiean [extended show])

Realm Maintenance #14 “ThanksGKicking” (11/20/12, GKick)

Realm Maintenance #13 “Epic Listings” (11/13/12, Epic Podcast)

Realm Maintenance #12 “Mists of Pandailya” (11/06/12, Jan from Something Suggestive)

Realm Maintenance #11 (10/30/12, Lore from Legendary, PST, and The Weekly Marmot)

Realm Maintenance #10 (10/23/12, Tauren Think Tank)

Realm Maintenance #9 (10/16/12, Rawrcast)

Realm Maintenance #8 (10/9/12, The Sundering)

Realm Maintenance #7 (10/2/12, Rigarmorty’s Blight Night)

Realm Maintenance #6 (9/25/12, Mists of Pandaria, Crafting Azeroth & All Things Azeroth)

Realm Maintenance #5 (9/18/12, PotW Interview with Blessing of Frost)

Realm Maintenance #4 (9/11/12, PotW Interview with Jason and Modem of WoWphiles)

Realm Maintenance #3 (9/4/12, PotW Interview with Salem of Arcanum of Azeroth)

Realm Maintenance #2 (8/28/12, Extended Maintenance Edition!)

Realm Maintenance # 1 (8/21/12)

Realm Maintenance #0 (Pilot Episode, 8/14/12)

(more episodes to be added as they’re produced)

The Realm Maintenance Podcast is a short weekly production which aims to cover both WoW and WoW podcast news in a brief digested form.

I’ll cover the top news item for a couple of minutes, then cover everything else as I go “Around the World of Warcraft in 80 Seconds.”

Following that is the Podcast of the Week. One podcast from the directory is chosen each week. I’ll breakdown who produces the show, what content you can expect to find in it, the podcast’s history, where you can find it, and how you can contact those behind the show. This is mainly informational, and I’ll save the critique mostly for your own ears.

After the spotlight I’ll breakdown what is happening in the WoW podcast community. New shows come, old ones go. Some may be celebrating milestones, holding contests, or featuring special guests. Podcasts mentioned on this segment come from email submissions and my own research. I can’t guarantee I’ll cover everything, so if you’re a podcaster who wants to promote your show here, email me at


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  1. Hey Rho! Thoroughly enjoy your show and WTG landing the “All Things Azeroth” gig. Hey, on the last show you and Medros made a mention of Christopher Lee and I wanted to let you know he is also one of my favorites and I wanted to share this link with you,
    Some great insight on him and I was very surprized to see him listed on Badass of the Week, but he certainly is deserving. Keep up the good work.

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