Stoppies 2012

The Stoppies is a WoW podcast awards show created by the crew at Stopcast.

Stopcast is an explicit podcast. As such a number of the categories are of a comical and/or offcolor nature. That said, Realm Maintenance is still a supporter of these awards, specifically the first 8 categories.

Here are the winners for those categories:

Best Podcast Ventchat

Best Ensemble Cast Convert to Raid

Best Solo Podcaster Skolnick (Warcraft Less Travelled)

Best Supporting Podcaster Koltrane (Convert to Raid)

Best Format Darkmoon Herald

Best Guest Koltrane

Best Production Ventchat

Best Live Show Convert to Raid

You can find a complete listing of the categories (including the more risque and off-color ones) when you go vote!

Read Rho’s blog article on the Stoppies here.

The awards show was recorded on Dec. 17th during the recording of Stopcast #125. Listen to Stopcast #125 at to learn about all of the winners in the remaining categories.

Thank you to everyone who participated and provided comments and feedback.

You can catch Rho as a guest host on Stopcast #126 next week.  Count on the Stoppies being discussed for a bit.

2 thoughts on “Stoppies 2012

  1. How can you take any of this serious when you do not include some of the actual best podcasts out there. The instance, horde for life, Tauren think tank and legendary just to name a few. Kind of a biased effort it seems.

    • Well Kshay, its the listeners who nominate shows for the Stopies, so if a podcast that you love isn’t showcased, its basically your problem because you didn’t try hard enough to get people to nominate it.

      Are the Stopies serious? Somewhat. The hosts put a LOT of work into it. but its the listeners of any and all podcasts who have to get off their butts and nominate and vote for their favorite podcasts. Complaining about it after the show comes out really isn’t helpful.

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