The Dojo Segments

The Dojo

The Dojo is a 2 minute podcast segment featured on Convert to Raid. The segment is aimed at WoW players looking to take their game out of Raid Finder mode and eventually into Normal content and beyond. The first episodes will focus on basic raiding terminology, tips, tools, and information on preparing to raid in Normal content. Episodes following the release of Mists of Pandaria will focus specifically on explaining the differences found between LFR raid encounters and their Normal mode counterparts.

The Dojo 25 : Ready to Raid, 5.2 Edition (from Convert to Raid Episode 85)

The Dojo 24 : Tsulong (from Convert to Raid Episode 83)

The Dojo 23 : Protectors of the Endless (from Convert to Raid Episode 82)

The Dojo 22 : Grand Empress Shek’zeer (from Convert to Raid Episode 81)

The Dojo 21 : Amber Shaper Un’sok (from Convert to Raid Episode 80)

The Dojo 20 : Wind Lord Mel’jarak (from Convert to Raid Episode 79)

The Dojo 19 : Garalon (from Convert to Raid Episode 77)

The Dojo 18 : Blade Lord Ta’yak (from Convert to Raid Episode 76)

The Dojo 17 : Imperial Vizier Zor’lok (from Convert to Raid Episode 75)

The Dojo 16 : Will of the Emperor (from Convert to Raid Episode 73)

The Dojo 15 : Elegon (from Convert to Raid Episode 71)

The Dojo 14 : The Spirit Kings (from Convert to Raid Episode 70)

The Dojo 13 : Gara’jal the Spirtbinder (from Convert to Raid Episode 69)

The Dojo 12 : Feng the Accursed (from Convert to Raid Episode 68)

The Dojo 11 : The Stone Guard (from Convert to Raid Episode 67)

The Dojo 10 : Raid Preparation, Part 3 (from Convert to Raid Episode 65)

The Dojo 9 : Raid Preparation, Part 2 (from Convert to Raid Episode 64)

The Dojo 8 : Raid Preparation, Part 1 (from Convert to Raid Episode 63)

The Dojo 7 : Add-Ons (from Convert to Raid Episode 62)

The Dojo 6 : Loot Systems (as heard on Convert to Raid Episode 61)

The Dojo 5 : Read a Book! (Dungeon Journal) (as heard on Convert to Raid Episode 60)

The Dojo 4 : Raid Terminology (Part 3 of 3) (as heard on Convert to Raid Episode 59)

The Dojo 3 : Raid Terminology (Part 2 of 3) (as heard on Convert to Raid Episode 58)

The Dojo 2 : Raid Terminology (Part 1 of 3) (as heard on Convert to Raid Episode 57)

The Dojo 1 : Time To Vent (as heard on Convert to Raid Episode 56)

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