Realm Maintenance: Life Tap & Podcasts & Twitter, Oh My!

First of all, I want to thank those of you who have read one or more of my blog entries. A small audience is still an audience and every reader inspires me to continue writing. Thanks also to those of you that have started following me on Twitter.

When I first started this blog I wasn’t sure where it was going. I didn’t have any real direction in mind aside from writing about all things World of Warcraft and other games that capture my attention.

Just like any developing MMO, this blog will go through revisions, weekly updates, and even hotfixes. For example, I renamed the previous “Realm Maintenance” articles to “Life Tap.” Just felt like a better fit for a category dealing with real life, and it helps that it’s warlock themed.

I’m going to use the “Realm Maintenance” title for articles that touch on a mish-mash of things once a week. Answering emails, comments, and any tidbits of WoW-related issues that I don’t want to devote a whole article to.

So what’s happened since the last Raid Night article?

  • I provided the inspiration for a twist on the intro for the Convert to Raid podcast. The podcast was recorded on April 1, which should help explain things some.
  • I won a Foam Sword Rack for answering trivia correctly during the All Things Azeroth podcast recorded Monday.  The trivia involved the names and factions of the Pandaren leaders in MoP. It took a couple of minutes to dig the info out. Still no beta invite, but that’s fine. I’m in no rush right now.
  • I haven’t listened to it yet, but a little birdy told me my “Fel and Foolish Mists of Beta” article may be mentioned on the next Group Quest podcast.
  • A tweet of mine regarding guild perks was read during the Darkmoon Herald podcast.

Huh… I really do love podcasts don’t I? There’s another blog topic for another time.

Speaking of Twitter, I imagine some of you know who Wryxian is. He’s a community manager on the EU forums and the individual who brought the hope of green flame to the warlock community not too long ago. As you know, those hopes were dashed not too long after. When I saw Wryxian reply to the warlock writer from WoW Insider I figured I’d take a shot and see if he would reply to little ol’ me. Minutes later, this happened:


Rho (@RhoWoW): I just have a simple question about “green fire.” If a glyph can change other spell effects in beta, why can’t a glyph change fire?

Wryxian (@Frimlin): If your issue is down to trust, then it almost doesn’t matter what our developers say about the matter as you won’t accept it. 🙂

Rho: I never said I don’t trust the dev team. My question is a sincere & honest one. There are glyphs in beta which change spell effects.

Rho: I am genuinely curious as to what prevents the coding of a glyph to change warlock spell effects. I’m curious, not bitter 🙂

Wryxian: Well, the info they gave was that it wasn’t as easy as it might seem. And I trust them on that. I’m glad you’re not bitter! *phew*


Any reply is better than no reply, and I do appreciate Wryxian responding on Twitter. I really didn’t expect that to happen.

For the record, I mean it when I say I’m not bitter, even with my earlier article implying otherwise. Like I said at the end, beta is beta. Half of the things people see now could be entirely different from what they see when this expansion launches. Taste the soup while it’s cooking, sure… just don’t judge it til it’s done. 

My progress on switching from the evil ways of clicking to keybinds is going well. I’ve been running LFR one or two times each day as training, trying to develop some muscle memory for the demo rotation. My UI could probably use some fine tuning though. I’m also concerned about movement feeling natural, and that’s something I’ll have to wait til Normal mode raids to really get a feel for. Most of the LFR content involves very little moving.

Expect another Raid Night article in about a week. The next article I plan to write will be part 2 behind getting the Salty achievement some time ago, and that should be up Wednesday if all goes well.

Realm Maintenance articles are weekly updates of happenings in the World of Rho. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions feel free to email me at

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