Last night I played my warlock on the Mists of Pandaria Beta and finally got around to trying the level grind. A half hour into the process, I quit the client and went to bed. This isn’t normal for me.

I don’t think Mists of Pandaria is boring or bad. If anything I’m impressed by the visuals contained in those thirty minutes. I found myself stopping for two reasons. First, I realized that this is content I wanted to experience at release, and not be spoiled by it ahead of time. Second, I just didn’t feel like playing WoW.

Should I be concerned by the second reason? I don’t know. I do know that I’ve had this attitude about an MMO before. I felt this way both in Ultima Online and Final Fantasy XI shortly before I left for greener pastures. I’ve also felt this way during this same time a few months before Cataclysm was released.

That most recent time I simply took a break from the game. I would pop in maybe once or twice a week for a half hour or so just to say hello and then be out in a blink. This went on til patch 4.0. Once 4.0 was out and the new race/class changes were in, I spent a good couple of weeks leveling my one and only alt, a dwarf shaman known as Magmafist.

In my last article I mentioned a few other games that I had been playing to occupy my time, and there’s more still to come. I’m still left wondering how I truly feel about WoW right now. I don’t think I’m ready to “move on.” Actually, I know I’m not… but for the time being I can truly say that I have no desire to play either my warlock or shaman. I just feel like I’ve finished reading a decent book, but I have no interest in reading the same exact story again while waiting for the next book in the series to come out.

From day one of my adventures in Azeroth I’ve played Alliance characters. When reading blogs and listening to podcasts, I’ve noticed that for the most part these writers and podcasters are “For the Horde.”

That, along with the fact that the majority of my long-term friends in the game have gone inactive has left me considering crossing realm and faction borders for a new experience.

I will say that I think I’m leaning toward playing a class that has at least one melee dps spec, so that rules out Hunters, Mages, and Priests. I’d say that Death Knight sounds intriguing, but considering I’m probably going to play on an RP realm I’m not entirely sure if I would be able to roleplay a Death Knight in a believable way.

Yes, yes, I know trying to RP even on RP realms is a daunting task, but again I’m looking to do something different this time around. Going back to my roots and actually trying to roleplay this alt in-character would be a nice change of pace.

So I’ve narrowed classes down to Druid, Paladin, Rogue, or Warrior. As far as race goes I could probably make any race work, with Forsaken being a bit of a stretch for reasons similar to roleplaying a Death Knight.

To those of you reading this blog, I’m asking for your opinions and advice. Taking what I’ve written above, what would you suggest for a new alt on a new realm? Also, for those of you in the know, where do I stand a better chance at finding a Horde roleplaying community?

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  1. Of the ones you mentioned, the ones I’m most familiar with are paladin and rogue. Paladin is by far the most flexible: you can tank, DPS, or heal and be very effective at any of these. My pally is mainly used for tanking (I have a priest that I use when I want to heal) but what I like about it (vs. a warrior, say) is that I can heal myself even in tank spec, which is nice for solo leveling. Plus, they get to wear plate, so my pally is tough as nails. She usually pairs with a priest I know, but he doesn’t have to do much for me other than throwing me into a bubble most of the time.

    Rogue is a lot of fun, though. Being invisible to most things when I want to be is awesome. It lets me sneak into an area, get to where I need to kill things, do what I need to do, and get out virtually undetected. Pick-pocketing is entertaining, and picking locks is awesome.

    I’ve played a druid and a warrior, and I don’t enjoy them as much, but that’s me. Changing forms is a lot of fun, and the Moonkin form (I’m a balance druid) is entertaining, but I find I don’t do as much damage as I do with my pally and I take a lot more. Warrior is good for damage (and tanking), but without the healing advantage of the paladin and I miss throwing my shield to start a battle.

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