“It’s Time To Fire Up… The Achieveatron”

Starting today, my first in an ongoing series of podcast segments is now live and part of the Something Suggestive podcast. Please check it out, and feel free to send your comments about it. Segment #1 is “The Argent Achiever,” full of information about the Argent Tournament for those who never took part.

For my first crack at doing this kind of content, I feel Something Suggestive is a perfect fit. The podcast is relatively new compared to longer established productions, and the content is both casual and informative. Everything has a beginning, and this is where I felt was the best place to begin. A big thank you to the host, Jan, for giving me the opportunity to spread my wings.

Something Suggestive is a podcast that covers WoW news, the life of a casual gamer in WoW, a spotlight on transmogrification, and random morsels of goodness in the form of a random Twitter Q&A segment. The podcast does have an explicit tag so do keep that in mind when you choose where to listen to it. As for my segments, they won’t be explicit. Well, “Segment #3” is explicit at the end, but it’s worth it. You’ll get to hear that in about two weeks time.

The “Achieveatron” segment follows in the path of similar styled segments that feature an achievement or group of achievements. I’m very aware I’m not breaking new ground, but I’m giving my own personal spin by taking the whole range of achievements in the game and figuratively throwing a dart at the board. You’ll get a little bit of everything here, which is what one would expect from someone who calls himself “hardcasual.”

The series is a work in progress, and marks the real beginning of my adventures in audio production. Outside of a $70 microphone, I’m using Audacity and recording my content in my office/game room at home, which currently lacks any significant forms of sound dampening and what not. I won’t dare claim that what I produce is professional, but it is produced with a passion for the World of Warcraft and the nerd points I love to accumulate.

Is this a stepping stone to more? That’s yet to be seen. I’ve actually started work on developing a second segment for another podcast. More to come on that project soon.

After having spent about a week and a half wading into this deep vast pool I’ve found the water a little deep but not uncomfortable. I could see myself doing more, in time. An actual podcast? A guest stint somewhere? Maybe. This is only Week 1 though… plenty of time to discover my voice and improve.

Alternative measure commencing. Calculating force parameters…” 

— Void “Loot” Reaver, Tempest Keep

When thinking of a name for the segment, I began browsing through all the achievements I had earned. Not too long into searching I came across Achieveatron, earned in Blackwing Descent. Seeing the picture representing the achievement I envisioned my warlock capturing one of the Omnitron Defense System units, reprogramming it with a mix of Gnomish, Goblin, and Void Reaver technology, and transforming it into the embodiment of achievement hunting itself. That’s pretty impressive since Rho the warlock doesn’t technically possess Engineering skill right now…

A bit dramatic and cheesy? Absolutely! What’s a segment without flavor?

As of this article, four segments are recorded, with a couple more on their way to being produced this week. The intro and outro might evolve over time based on feedback that I get, though I plan to keep the vocals of the Void Reaver and the general flavor the same.

In the near future I’ll also start posting the audio clips here on World of Rho, though I’ll likely wait a week or two after the segment has aired on Something Suggestive before posting.

I’m excited to be presenting this content, and if the segment inspires even one player to grab some more points, then it’s all worth it.

To every podcast, every podcaster, and every segment creator I’ve had the pleasure of listening to… thank you. There’s too many to list without missing someone. Suffice to say the community you all have introduced me to through your work has motivated me to create, share, and build upon such a rich landscape of words, laughs, and more.

I’ve created a Twitter account for the segment @Achieveatron. There you’ll find the crazy robot himself occasionally speaking some long words and technical mumbo jumbo about the segments and those I interact with. I do love the cheese. Feel free to follow.

As always, you can email me your questions, comments, or suggestions at RhoWoW@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @RhoWoW.

Until next time…


— Achieveatron, Rho’s fictional partner in catching them all and being “on points.”

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