The Sad Story of Diablo 3 : Epilogue

If you’ve made it this far in my series about the story of Diablo 3, then there really isn’t anything left to spoil.

Rather than spend a few hundred words on describing the last cinematic, let’s do something different. I’ll meet you back here below the video.

Ohhhh boy. Where do I begin?

Whose bright idea was it to pick up Diablo’s corpse and toss him/her/it overboard? If any of you watched the animated short that Blizzard released just before D3 came out, you might remember there was supposedly something significant about the blood of Diablo ending up on the archangels when Imperius decided to slay him. I’m pretty sure tossing Diablo off the arch couldn’t have been all too clean an act. For that matter, Diablo’s blood is probably all over the Nephalem too from the fight.

Why did they just let the Black Soulstone fall without destroying it? Back in Diablo 2 you had to destroy the soulstones of Mephisto and Diablo to truly be rid of them, or so we thought.

The Black Soulstone over the course of the game collects the souls of all the demon lords. The whole plan was to contain every one of them in the stone then destroy the soulstone to ultimately be rid of them all. How the hell (pun intended) is Diablo, the Prime Evil, cast down forever?

Whoa, wait a minute. Back up. Notice those words? Listen to the video again for those first 25 seconds. Diablo was cast down. That’s a bit different from saying Diablo is utterly destroyed forever. Now that’s a bit interesting, though I’m not sure what it means.

I digress though. I don’t believe Tyrael, the player character, or the others of the Angiris Council are ignorant enough to just let the soulstone go. Are we to assume that not a single one of them thought the soulstone wouldn’t rematerialize upon Diablo’s death? That seems like a stretch to me.

Where does the Black Soulstone end up? I have to imagine this is an obvious plot thread to be picked up on in the expansion. More about that shortly.

If Tyrael remains mortal, what happens when he dies? Some questions will likely forever go unanswered and left to us to ponder. This is one of them. If and when there is more content in the Diablo universe, it is likely that Tyrael will be the most likely candidate to be the “Deckard Cain” for the hero character.

If Tyrael now stands as the mortal Archangel of Wisdom, who represents Justice? Justice may have been met this day, but I’m not one to believe that the world of Sanctuary no longer needs an avatar of justice. When Auriel the archangel of Hope was in jeopardy it was made clear that the High Heavens wouldn’t be the same without her. Justice needs to be filled by someone. Is that the future of the player character? Time will tell, possibly.

If Angels and men will stand together, what does Imperius have to say about that? Imperius was not too fond of Nephalem. I doubt he’s all too ready to forgive them even after the fall of Diablo. Many members of the High Heavens were lost during Act IV, a horrid battle which Imperius directly lays the blame on the Nephalem. Will Imperius go rogue, like Malthael before him?

… has Malthael gone rogue? The former Archangel of Wisdom broke off from the Angiris Council following the destruction of the worldstone in Diablo 2. According to what lore there exists on him, Malthael was able to see all things when he sat on the Council. If he still retains this power, that could prove interesting for what lies ahead.

But what exactly is coming next? You can bet on an expansion. Though they have not outright announced that an expansion will be coming out, Blizzard release history and some vague words from Blizzard devs and executive pretty much place the odds of an expansion at 99%. The story has several loose ends that haven’t been touched on.

We currently don’t know the whereabout of Adria, the Black Soulstone, or Malthael. Adria and Malthael could both be potential antagonists in the story to come.

There’s the possibility, albeit slim, that the spirits of Leah and Deckard Cain still have a role to play. Will there be redemption and peace for Leah? She wasn’t like her father who became corrupted by Diablo over time. Her body was violated and forcefully taken as the host of the Prime Evil. This didn’t sit well with some people, and perhaps this point will be revisited.

As I mentioned before, I doubt Imperius has forgiven the Nephalem. For those of you who, like me, wanted a chance to go toe to toe with the Archangel of Valor, there may still be hope.

Who would the final boss of Diablo 3’s expansion be? If you’re well read on the lore, you could probably draw the same conclusion I did. While Diablo attempted to take his place as the Prime Evil, it should be noted that the Greater and Lesser Evils at one point were all part of one being. The absolute embodiment of all evil. The seven-headed dragon known as Tathamet. It was Tathamet that birthed the Great Evils while his body became the foundation for the Burning Hells.

How do you take things up a notch after defeating the Prime Evil? You go after the First Evil. I have a feeling this is where the Black Soulstone’s continued existence will come into play. A series of events, likely including action from Adria, Malthael, and/or Imperius, will lead way to a rebirth of Tathamet in some new form.

Until then, this series and my opinions on the story have reached an end. I’ve said this before and I’ll continue to say it… Diablo 3 was a fun game. It had its flaws, but the game itself was an above average piece of work and I enjoyed grinding from 1 to 60.

The endgame needs work, and Blizzard knows this. Inferno and itemization need tweaks, and Blizzard is also aware of that. For the game to have the shelf life of its predecessor, much work will need to be done.

The journey in the story was frustrating for me. Loopholes, gaps in logic, wacky portal magic, weak motives, unnecessary motives, and poorly presented antagonists lurked at every corner. It was as much of a challenge putting those things aside to get to the end as it was to defeat the minions of the Burning Hells themselves.

I’m not giving up hope for the expansion. The story could still be redeemed through what happens next.

To Be Continued… “when it’s ready.”

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