Achieveatron #2: The Frostbitten Bloody Rare Hunter

The second Achieveatron segment was produced a few weeks ago, before we knew of the exact release date for Mists of Pandaria. I’ve tried to keep in the habit of being three to four weeks ahead on content, in case real life limits my time to work on making a segment on any given week

When MoP’s release date became known, I had to make an edit to reflect it. With 5.0 now on the Background Downloader, cross realm zones are literally just days away. I suggest putting more of a focus on these achievements if you’re interested in them.

This segment sees an ever so slight tweak to the intro, adding in an all too familiar sound when the Achieveatron is brought online.

Thanks again to Allison Robert at WoW Insider for her articles on Bloody Rare and Frostbitten, which were used as resource material for this segment.

Don’t forget that segment #3 can be listened to now if you check out Something Suggestive Episode 24 which just went up last night.

Your feedback is always appreciated. Enjoy!

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