Update on Realm Maintenance #1: Looking For Questions! (LFQ)

Things are looking good for Realm Maintenance #1 to be up on Tuesday. I’ll usually put the show together on Monday afternoon and publish it at midnight Eastern time. Right now the odds of it being up in iTunes and Stitcher on Tuesday is about 50/50.

Thanks to the podcasters that have sent replies to the mass email I sent to all active WoW podcasts out there. If you’re part of a WoW podcast and your show did not receive such an email from me in the past week, please get in touch with me and I’ll try to get it out to you (some people have said the email ended up in their spam folders.)

Realm Maintenance #0 and my guest host stint on Group Quest #79 made a couple of points clear in regards to where I’m at right now in podcasting. I’m alright when it comes to going off a pre-written script, but when it comes to freestyle instant reactions I still have to work some “ums” and pauses out of the system.  For the time being I’m going to stay on the training wheels so to speak and gradually work myself off fully written scripts once I’m more comfortable.

I also felt a little embarassed when I decided to name the quick news segment “Hotfixes.” I mean, sure when you have almost 60 WoW podcasts out there it’s hard to not copy names for segments… but I unwittingly borrowed a segment name from Blessing of Frost, one of the podcasts I’ve listened to fairly regularly. Needless to say, “Hofixes” won’t be called that from #1 going forward. “Around the World of Warcraft in 80 Seconds” is a long segment name, but it works for me.

It’s possible that on some weeks, the Realm Maintenance podcast might run a little shorter than I’d want it to. To help fix that problem, I’m looking for your questions on anything and everything to do with World of Warcraft and WoW podcasts.

If you’d like to submit a question for this segment you can do it one of two ways. You can email your question to RhoWoW@gmail.com (please put LFQ in the title so I know the mail is for that segment) or you can respond to my requests on Twitter when I put them out there. I’ll probably ask you to use #LFQ in your tweet to make it easier to find your questions.

Again, the questions can be about WoW, WoW podcasts, or even questions about myself personally though please try to tie it into WoW and/or podcasting in one form or another if you can.

On heavy news weeks the segment might be put on hold to keep the show within the 12 minute time limit I’m aiming for. On weeks that are extremely light on news and LFQ questions I may take the time to give listeners a Weekly Quest in the form of a question that you can answer on Twitter or via email.

Realm Maintenance is a podcast for the WoW and WoW podcasting community and I can’t think of any better way to show that by including you in the show.

Watch for the next Dojo segment to appear in the archives on Monday, followed by Realm Maintenance #1 after 12:01 am Eastern on Tuesday!


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