Achieveatron #4 : The Fjord Fisherman

This segment introduced a couple of twists to the Achieveatron segment.

First, the Achieveatron truly had a voice of its own. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out I voice the Achieveatron. Drop the pitch 20%, add in some robotic quality goodness and Rho’s partner in point hunting becomes available as needed to be a bit more vocal. You’ll see me use this in future episodes also.

Second, please note that this archive contains the entire segment as heard on Something Suggestive #25, which includes a now expired contest. This was Jan’s first real milestone episode and I was happy to donate a Moonkin Hatchling pet to be used as a contest prize. This contest of course is now over, but you never know when something may happen like this in the future on Achieveatron or elsewhere. Keep your ears open!

Special thanks to El’s Anglin, a great resource for all things Fishing in WoW!

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