Realm Maintenance : Episode #13 – Epic Listings

It’s an epic show with an epic amount of podcast news and an Epic Podcast featured this week!

The Rolling Restart covers Rho’s thoughts on the new “Fansites & Other Resources” post on the General Discussion forum.

As always the show goes around the World of Warcraft in 80 seconds. Thanks to, MMO-Champion, WoW Insider, and WoWHead for their news articles which were used as research for this segment.

Podcast of the Week : Epic Podcast

Twitter: @Lignar @Medicakes @epic_podcast

Epic Podcast records live Wednesdays at 9pm Eastern.

Podcast News: Tauren Think Tank, Vote2Kick, Twizzcast, Double O Podcast, 30 Minute Cooldown, The Sundering, Stopcast, Middle Finger Podcast, Grand Old Podcast, Hearthcast

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1 thought on “Realm Maintenance : Episode #13 – Epic Listings

  1. I think that it is great that Blizzard is embracing community contributions. It is also great that they are making a centralized location for all of these valuable resources so they are organized and easy for people to locate.

    One site that I feel that should be considered a valuable resources(and so do some other dedicated druids) is The Fluid Druid which is a great source for all things Feral and Moonkin. The site is run by Alaron and contains an awesome forum where many other knowledgeable druids like to hang out. We should all tweet Zarhym and get it added 😀


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