Realm Status : A Moment to Stoppie and Think About Podcast Awards

As you know, for the past couple of weeks I’ve talked about the Stoppies on the show, and nominations for the awards are now closed and voting for the Stoppies has begun.

The nominees for Best Podcast include Convert to Raid, Darkmoon Herald, Girls Gone WoW, Slash 2, Stopcast, Sundering, and Ventchat. Congratulations to those podcasts and good luck this week as votes are sent in.

Click on the Stoppies 2012 button at the top menu to find out more, including the link to click on to go vote for the Stoppies. As I mentioned previously, these are not all of the categories for the Stoppies and there are a number of other categories that can be comical or just off-color in nature, with a few of the categories containing mature content.

First off, before saying anything else I want to thank J, Mike, and Bryter for all the work they’ve put into the Stoppies both last year and this year. It takes a fair deal of time to do something like this and I appreciate that effort. I have been and will continue to be a supporter of what they’re doing.

Now… it’s time to give my thoughts and observations about all of this, which I only decided to do at the last minute given the feedback and messages I’ve seen in the first hours of voting.

The Stoppies is a WoW Podcast Awards show that while on paper is an excellent idea, has some extreme challenges to overcome if it’s to be recognized and respected by the majority of the WoW podcasting and listener community. One could also ask the question of whether or not the Stoppies need to have that level of recognition to begin with.

I’ve seen responses that some people aren’t happy with the inclusion of the categories that are far less “serious” or important compared to categories like Best Podcast, Best Format, Best Voice, and so on. A number of people see those other categories in a negative light, and in some cases it has caused listeners I know of to decide to abstain from voting.

Are those categories a bad thing? Is it wrong to have an awards show where you vote for who the Worst is in something or anything similar?

On its own… no. I think there’s definitely a place for those awards, and I think there’s an audience and community those awards are designed for. There are plenty of people out there who can understand that those awards don’t necessarily have much value if any.

They’re a source of comedy and entertainment, and ideally if you’re nominated for an award that roasts you then you should be able to laugh at yourself. And some of us can laugh at ourselves easily. I personally consider myself one of those people. If I was nominated for Worst Voice, I could chuckle with it and live with it.

That said, there are those of us who have difficulty with that, and there are podcasters and podcast listeners out there that have trouble respecting a WoW podcast awards show when the good is mixed with the bad or even the ugly.

I think the hosts of Stopcast have had nothing but the best of intentions when it comes to the Stoppies. The Stoppies are there for fun. At the same time they’re also trying to give recognition to some great shows out there, while playfully jabbing at others. It’s kind of like combining the Oscars with the Razzies, which is an awards show which does nothing but award the Worst in movies.

When I talked to them on last week’s show they made that point clear, stating they’re trying to have some fun with the categories and they certainly can’t be blamed for misleading people on what the Stoppies are about.

So a couple of questions remain after all of this: Does the community want something different? Should there be a set of awards designed to be independent from the Stoppies that does nothing but give recognition and props? It’s food for thought, to be sure. These questions don’t need to be answered right away, and in the future I can guarantee I’ll be talking with the guys at Stopcast and discussing the possibility of two separate entities of podcast awards that can separately praise and roast your favorite WoW shows and hosts.

In the meantime, enjoy what’s out there right now, and vote for the Stoppies, foo.

19 thoughts on “Realm Status : A Moment to Stoppie and Think About Podcast Awards

  1. I think Best & Worst are fine – I think where perhaps some people have a problem is the ‘adult’ nature of some of the other categories. I’m no prude but does that stuff really need to be included in what could be a really great awards idea?

    1. That’s a viewpoint I’ve seen from many people. In all honesty, it’s a question I’ve asked myself too and part of the basis for writing this recent blog. I personally feel there should be two seperate sets of awards… each probably with a different label to them.

      As Mike has said, the idea and the Stoppies themselves are evolving. I feel confident in saying that come next year you’ll see a change for the better that will please both sides of the coin (ideally as individual events) and I’ll support it all.

      1. yeah maybe a ‘family friendly’ main set for best of, worst of etc & then an ‘after dark’ version for the ‘adult’ stuff. If they kept them totally separate, they could really go to town on the adult stuff without offending those who have no interest in that stuff.

    2. If anyone in the podcasting/youtube/wow/blog/underwater basket weaving community takes issue with The Stopies, they have every right to go and make their own award show instead of sitting around complaining about it.

      p.s. vote @hhcast for most vulgar! 😛

  2. In my opinion all of the awards are valid, Podcasts have an extremely wide range of viewers, and the awards should include as many as possible. Stoppies are Doing a great job of this. If you have a negative opinion check it at the door.

    1. I’m sorry – but do you really think that ‘most likely to be raped’ or ‘most likely to be fisted’ are valid in any podcast awards related category? Those are the ones that people are most upset about I think.

      1. In regards to the first category? My answer is no.
        In regards to the second category? My answer would typically be no. However, the person mentioned in that category stated she had no problem with that category.

        Those particular categories may have been added in poor taste and I don’t contest your opinion on that one bit. That said, this just validates why the Stoppies are Stopcast’s show.

        Those who care to participate will. Those who don’t won’t, and I don’t fault anyone for choosing one way or the other.

      2. It is obvious that you do not listen to any of the podcasts associated with Stopcast because it you did you would understand those categories. Just because the “clean” WoW community doesn’t get the joke does not mean they are not valid.

  3. While the extra categories may not be for everyone, there is an option to Quit voting once you do the first 8 “Best” awards. This is also something the guys from Stopcast are doing on their own. They put in a lot of work to make this come together and they obviously don’t need to. It would be a shame if they decided to stop because some people are complaining at them for having a little fun with THEIR awards.

    If you don’t like it, don’t participate, but don’t bitch at them for trying to recognize podcasters in the WoW community while also making it fun.

    1. Yep, you don’t have to vote for every category, and I totally appreciate what the guys at Stopcast have done to get this going.

      It may sound like I’m playing both sides of the fence with my comments, but to be honest that’s because I agree with both sides. There’s a place for the Stoppies and there’s potential for something that is not the Stoppies. That doesn’t invalidate any of the work or effort the Stopcast crew has put behind their project.

  4. Person Most Likely to be Raped on Site by Turdhat at Ventchat Vegas

    This is not fun, or entertaining, or jovial. This is just vile. There is no comedy or entertainment to come out of rape.

    1. Definitely a fair and valid viewpoint to have. Can’t say I disagree. A little background on that category: if I’m not mistaken Stopcast listeners were given the opportunity to submit ideas for categories as well, and that category fell into that bunch. It’s certainly a category that could be the most responsible for making people shy away or discredit the Stoppies. That’s everyone’s personal choice to make.

      As I’ve told a couple of people… I don’t think the Stoppies themselves have to necessarily change what they are. I think people, maybe even myself to a small degree, have misinterpreted what the Stoppies are supposed to be. Further, I think we’ve seen from all of this that there’s a desire for something different than what currently exists.

      Does that mean the Stoppies must adapt to those demands? I don’t think so… but perhaps the creation of a separate group of awards in the future may solve most of the current concerns.

      1. but perhaps the creation of a separate group of awards in the future may solve most of the current concerns

        Indeed, this would seem like a valid way to do things. Whilst I would be happier if such categories didn’t exist, there is an appeal for some people. So why not stick behind an explicit tag/section or some such thing. Really not the sort of thing I was prepared or pleased to see earlier on.

        Thanks for opening up a discussion on this.

  5. I think it’s silly for people to get their panties in a wad over this.

    The listeners of Stopcast are aware what it entails. Both the show’s intro and even you yourself in your iTunes review of them, very plainly state that “Stopcast is an explicit rated podcast.” I think it’s safe to assume that things associated with them are not going to be squeaky clean.

    And personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    1. That being said, I can understand how it could be offensive to some people.

      And perhaps those people shouldn’t be involved in the Stoppies at all, instead of expecting the guys at Stopcast to change around the way they do things. =)

  6. As one of the nominees in a less than flattering category, this was something of a shock to find my name nominated. I’m sure nominees in the positive categories wouldn’t have been upset to be nominated, however it probably would have been good taste to ask the nominees in the negative/adult categories if they wanted to accept the nomination. Props to the stopcast organizers for removing nominees after the fact once complaints started rolling in for nominees who did not want to be in those categories.

  7. My problem with this whole thing is like with anything in life the nay-sayers want the whole world to go their way. That’s fine if you are a g-rated person. That’s fine if you’re offended by some the categories. Don’t listen and don’t participate. J, Mike, and Bryter have been around for quite some time and some of you just showed your faces recently. Why don’t you go crawl back under the rock you came from and ignore all these hoopla if it really offends you. The categories in question are actually inside jokes of some other podcasts. I work hard for a living and enjoy the hardwork that the stopcast guys put into something like this. If you don’t like it, don’t listen or make your own. I’m offended that some people are trying to take away my fun – how about that? Take your political correctness and shove it where the sun don’t shine. I’m sick and tired of the prudes complaining about everything.

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