Realm Maintenance : Ep. #20 – Yearly Maintenance

Happy New Year from Realm Maintenance! Enjoy this four hour marathon show of clips from 52 different WoW podcasts as we take a trip from Week 1 to Week 52 of 2012.

The show will return to its regular format next week!

The clips contained in this special are the creative property of those podcasts, and no copyright infringement is intended. This compilation has been put together to promote the included podcasts and WoW podcasting in general.

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Realm Maintenance is here to promote your podcast and special events as a service to the WoW podcast community.


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Realm Maintenance

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No Easter Egg outside of the show… but if you listen to the entire episode you may have at a Soul of the Aspects pet code! (NA realms only)

3 thoughts on “Realm Maintenance : Ep. #20 – Yearly Maintenance

  1. If you have them, I would love to see a podcast/episode number list for this gigantic show! I heard a couple that sounded pretty funny, of podcasts I don’t listen to, but it could be a pain trying to find each specific episode.

    But great job! I listened to most of it (I fell asleep at around the 2 hour mar) and I’m going to try to finish it!

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