The Realm Maintenance Episode 50 Giveaway

You could win a month of WoW game time or a companion pet of your choice from the Blizzard Pet Store by sending in an email or mp3 which answers these two questions-

1. What was your favorite interview on Realm Maintenance?

2. Which podcast (if any) did you start listening to because of the show?

In addition feel free to leave any other comments, questions, or feedback you may have. Anything is fair game as long as you keep it clean and not -too- rambly. As mentioned above, mp3 entries are welcomed and encouraged. You can also enter by using the voicemail widget on

Entries must be submitted to by Saturday July 27th at 10pm Eastern time to qualify.

The person who sends in the best entry (as decided purely by Rho’s opinion) will win their choice of a month of WoW game time or a pet from the Blizzard Pet Store. In addition, two more winners will be chosen randomly to receive the same choice of prizes.

Any entry submitted may be used on Episode 50 of the show.

Good luck!

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