Weekly Podcast Roundup : July 13 – 19, 2014


Every Sunday, Realm Maintenance brings you a long list of WoW and other Blizzard franchise podcasts that were published the week and weekend before. If you don’t see your favorite Blizzard franchise podcast listed, just let Rho know in the comments. Be sure to leave a link to it, and we’ll pick it up next week. All podcasts and content belong to their owners. Realm Maintenance is not responsible for what you hear, and some of the content may not be safe for work.

World of Warcraft Podcasts


Hearthstone Podcasts


Diablo Podcasts


Heroes of the Storm Podcasts


Other Notable Gaming Podcasts

Realm Maintenance  thanks Adam Holisky and Anne Stickney at WoW Insider whom were responsible for the original Weekly Podcast Roundup, and this site will do its best to carry the weekly tradition forward in its own way.

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