Episode 144 : Ctrl Alt Warlords


One of the longest running WoW podcasts is revisited when Rho interviews Aprillian, Leeta, and Rogueslayer from Ctrl Alt WoW… and yes, Rho talks about the 2.7 million subscriber loss in WoW. He has to. It’s in the contract.

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Podcast News: Group Quest, Fel-Tron, HotSCast, Lorewalkers’ Roundtable, Convert to Raid, Golden Wisp, Gnomes Eye View, Girls Gone WoW, Shattered Soulstone, Hearthcast, Chaos Portal Show, Tauren Think Tank.


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2 thoughts on “Episode 144 : Ctrl Alt Warlords

  1. LOL – Wow dying…
    I was wondering if some of the players that left just got lost in the game because they had not played since Cata or WoLK… or possible moved over to Heroes of the Storm.
    I have to say, I am lonely in my garrison, I miss the shrine and being around other players.

  2. Alts. I hate to admit I do have an alt problem. I have 10 on one server that I play and 3 on the connect server that I actively play. Then on other servers, 4 another server and 2 others on different servers as well that I play. The was account 1 and on my second account I have 6. I play them all when I am not doing garrison stuff on my mains. I do have mains – A Rogue, A hunter, 2 Dks, 2 druids, and 2 pallies (working on my 3rd). I take them to raids when i can or LFRs if need be.

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