#5 – Into the Woods

Kevin & Brian spend most of the show discussing their first week in The Witchwood! Learn about a fun Druid deck that’s not running Hadronox, Shudderwock stories, and banter over even and odd deck types.

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Deck Strings for decks mentioned on today’s show-
Brian’s Tess Tempo Rogue: AAECAaIHBvIFws4CnOIC3+8C6/AC7/MCDLQB7QKbBd0IgcIC68ICm8gCm8sCyssC2+MCpu8Cx/gCAA==
Kevin’s Druid Deck: AAECAZICApnTAv3rAg5AVl/pAcQG5AigzQKHzgKU0gKY0gKe0gLb0wKE5gL55gIA

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