Episode 274 : Jesse Talks

Rho interviews Co-Optional Podcast and Cox N’ Crendor in the Morning co-host, Jesse Cox! This extended interview goes places you might not expect. After all, what’s -your- favorite Nicolas Cage movie?

Make sure to listen to find out how you might get a code to unlock Orphea in Heroes of the Storm this week!

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Announcing the Video Content Directory

A few days ago I put some feelers out on Twitter to see how much interest there would be in having a directory for those that create video content for Blizzard games. Given the very positive response, I’ve decided to start working on this project…

I could use a little help though!

I’ll be honest here, I consume far less YouTube content compared to listening to podcasts. There are tons of video content creators out there, and the first version of this directory will barely scratch the surface.

If you create video content supporting any Blizzard franchise game, or if you’re just a fan of a content creator who wants to help spread the word, please email me links for those channels and/or webpages.

Send your emails to RealmPodcast@gmail.com.

Version 0.1 of the Video Content Directory will go live this coming Tuesday. Thanks for your support!