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Rho is the creator of Realm Maintenance and has been involved in podcasting since July 2012.  A frequent listener to many WoW podcasts for years, he started with segments produced for the  Something Suggestive and Convert to Raid podcasts before launching Realm Maintenance in August. He later went on to become a co-host on other podcasts including All Things Azeroth, Flex Mode, and Extended Maintenance.

When not podcasting or gaming, Rho’s player lives the glamorous life of a convenience store clerk… and no, he’s never played hockey on the roof of his store… yet.

Rho’s other podcast projects include the Rolling Restart podcast and the upcoming Hearthstone show, Hearthcasual.

Rho’s main character is a warlock on the Earthen Ring server, home to the Alea Iacta Est guild. His Alliance alts are members of the Convert to Raid guild on the Aerie Peak server.

Patreon Supporters

Realm Maintenance has received an incredibly amount of support from its listeners and other podcasts. Listeners are able to support the show in a variety of ways, including via the Patreon crowdfunding project. The following listeners are current patrons of the show that have pledged $20 or more a month and their contributions are GREATLY appreciated.

Navimie from The Daily Frostwolf


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  1. I was wondering do you know of other class podcast out there I might like to lesson to beside monk meditasion and monkcast? I am special interested in paladin and Druids. That you for your time.

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