How You Can Listen to World of Podcasts 2016!

If you’re unable to attend World of Podcasts 2016 in person at Anaheim this year, don’t worry!

Con Before the Storm has teamed up with Alpha Geek Radio to bring livestream audio coverage of the event starting at 5:30pm US Pacific time. Follow @alphageekradio on Twitter when the show goes live so you can easily get the direct link to the channelĀ for live coverage of World of Podcasts.

If you miss any part of World of Podcasts live, I have good news for you. You’ll be able to find the panels from World of Podcasts 2016 posted in several places following the event, including the Realm Maintenance podcast feed!

Provided all goes as planned, I hope to have the panels uploaded to the feed within hours of their completion, meaning you’ll have some content to listen to right before the Blizzcon Opening Ceremony. This is the goal, but it’s possible there may be delays. I’ll keep you updated via Twitter.

If technical difficulties somehow get in the way, rest assured that I all but guarantee that these panels will be up on the Realm Maintenance feed no later than Monday, November 7th.

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