Podcast Directory for Blizzard Entertainment Games

This listing of podcasts covering games made by Blizzard Entertainment includes both clean and explicit content. Shows listed in bold italic print have been previously featured in an interview on the Realm Maintenance podcast.

General Blizzard Podcasts

World of Warcraft Podcasts

Hearthstone Podcasts

Diablo Podcasts

Starcraft Podcasts

Heroes of the Storm Podcasts

Overwatch Podcasts

My general rule for keeping a podcast in the directory is that they’ve produced an episode in the past six weeks. If you know of a podcast that’s not on this list which has recently posted an episode, please email RealmPodcast@gmail.com and I’ll be glad to update the directory as soon as possible!

Inactive Shows

The following shows have not released an episode within the last six weeks, but have had an episode within the last four months and have not officially announced the end of their podcast. It’s our hope that by maintaining this list of inactive shows we’ll be able to better serve your interests, especially since there’s still good content that can be found on inactive podcasts! 

This directory is a work in progress and will be updated and improved on a regular basis. If you have any additions or suggestions, email them to RealmPodcast@gmail.com.

34 thoughts on “Podcast Directory for Blizzard Entertainment Games

  1. You appear to have missed the ‘Happy Nerd Media’ premiere pod casts; The Guardian Tank”. I’m not affiliated with it, just like it. He had an issue with the upload changing so it appeared to fade, but is actually still trucking along when he can find a babysitter now that the spouse is deployed.

  2. The Starting Zone podcast just started back up. They were one of the first podcasts I ever listened to along with The Instance. They took a hiatus for a bit and are now back on the scene. It would be great if you could check them out.

  3. just learned about this website through your apperance on finalboss… i am going to dabble into a bunch of these podcasts… and thanks for your work

  4. Hey Rho. Love the work you do and the directory.

    I have limited time but love listening to podcasts and one thing I’d like to know is the average episode length of a show. May I suggest having it as a question during your interviews or listed somewhere in the directory?



    1. Your best bet right now is bisnation however their podcasts tend to focus moreso on no-EXP PvP.

      PvP Live had a podcast for a while but that stopped a few months ago.

    1. Geeks of Azeroth is currently listed as a General Blizzard podcast as they have discussed multiple Blizzard games frequently. 🙂

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